We went to Tbilisi Georgia (the country) to pick up our babys not yet born and want to take you along our journey.

Who is the Mother of Georgia?

The Mother of Georgia statue overlooks Tbilisi from the Sololaki hill. It symbolizes the Georgian national character: in her left hand she holds a bowl of wine to greet those who come as friends, and in her right hand is a sword for those who come as enemies.

For us she is the patron and protector of our children.


2 responses to “About”

  1. Rosie Avatar

    Hi, I really loved your website and insta, it has shown me many things.
    I wonder now that you have left Georgia if you could talk about any added costs that you might not have known about. I have heard that there are costs that no one tells you about until after the baby is born.

    1. Papa Avatar

      Hi Rosie, I am happy that you love our website and insta. I made a post about the additional costs:
      At first I wanted to make a detailed breakdown of everything we paid. But I am afraid we are not really allowed because it says in the contract that we cannot disclose details. For us we could handle the additional costs, our main criticism was that they were not disclosed beforehand even when asking. And many parents said similiar. This problem was mainly this year, last year was fine. The agency was totally indifferent to our criticism which left a bad taste but we are still happy with the results.

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