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The nurses showed us some new ways to burp a baby. Burping is really important because the baby suck in air alongside the milk while feeding and if it does not go out again they will be in pain and spit out the milk. Let’s see some options.

Over the arm

This is the new way that was shown to us and it is comfortable because the baby is held with just one arm:

Also an advantage of this position is that the head is supported and if the baby throws up everything will go to the floor.

Over the shoulder

For this position it is important to put the baby well over the shoulder so that the head is already hanging down on the other side.

Then I pat on the back of the baby and this not too gentle.

On the lap

My favorite position for burping it to put the baby on my lap:

Usually I also sit the baby in front of me on the couch but I have to be careful that it does not slip out of my hands and lands on the floor.


After feeding the baby should be kept for 30 minutes upright and also during feeding it should be in a more upright position. I usually use this technique to achieve this:

I burp the baby ca. after every ounce of milk.

How do you burp your baby?

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