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Let’s talk about the Metromoney card in Tbilisi. We usually like to go with public transport to run errands because it is very convenient and usually more safe than going with a car. Esp. the communist style metro is crazy fast and faster than with Bolt during rushhour. Just don’t go with a stroller or a baby.

We bougth the Metromoney card at the Freedom square metro station. It is 2 Gel but you can return the card later and get the money back (but keep the check, you will need it). We also put 20 Gel on the card. 2 people can go with one card but we went for 2 separate cards.

When entering the metro or bus you have to check in at the machine and it will show you how many rides are left. Hold the card to the machine twice for 2 people. One ride is only 1 Gel (as of March 2023) and valid for 90 minutes no matter how many times you change, still you should check in every time. Also when you think you are over the 90 minutes you should check in again because there are sometimes controls when leaving the bus.

Note that the card also works for the small Marschrutka style buses that go more to the suburbs for example from Varketili. They are not so convenient because you will have to yell when you want to leave at the next station because there is no button to press. Also they will not stop for you if they are already full.

To top up the Metromoney card there are these blue machines scattered all over the city that are also used to top up mobile phones etc. For beginners they are hard to find and easily confused with ATMs.


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