Our baby’s stump fell off early!



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The doctors told us it can take 1 to 2 weeks to fall off. But our first baby’s umbilical cord stump already fell off 4 days after birth, the other baby’s today (6 days after birth).

This is before the stump fell off:

After the stump fell off:

How we took care of the baby’s belly button: We had to keep it dry by folding down the top of the nappy and clean it with Betadin solution we had to put on a a cotton ball. This has to be done for one month. It is easier after bath.

You can see this procedure in these two videos:

This is the cleaning process before the stump fell off (look at the end of the video)
This is after the stump fell off (look at the end of the video)

When did the stump fell of for your baby? Do you plan to keep the umbilical cord?

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