Bolt vs. Yandex in Georgia



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We decided to try Yandex first because it was cheaper. BUT we ran into some problems that made us spend more money.

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Yandex Go

Pickup with Yandex was no problem, we received make, color and number plate of the car and also name of the driver. Note: Don’t order the car too early or you will have to pay extra for the waiting time!

Unfortunately the car was full of smoke so this is not a good option with babies. Also the rear seatbelts did not seem to work.


Bolt works the same but the quality standards for cars and drivers should be better and more drivers. But it is a little bit more expensive, esp. if you use the premium cars

First time using Bolt was really a better car with seatbelts.

Update: We also used Bolt to move to our new appartment. We had to order an XL Bolt because we had so much luggage and the Donna carriers. (A Bolt Economy driver had rejected us.)

Unfortunately there was a little bit of a smell of smoke but the windows were open so it was ok for a short drive.


We did not try Maxim yet but heard it is popular in Georgia but more difficult to use for foreigners because the map is in Georgian? Did you try it?

What is your experience with Yandex and Bolt (or Maxim)?

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