First Pediatrician Check Up 🎥



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Important milestone: First check up for our newborns with the neurologist and the pediatrician. We already got some instructions at the clinic about how much formula we have to give every day and what else to do after the babies were born… but this was again a lot of useful information that we received there.


This was with the neurologist:

She showed us some exercises for the hip:

This can be done everytime before changing the diapers and is also good for releasing gas…

She tested the reflexes:

Also if the baby helps when it is picked up (the babies cannot hold their neck on their own):

The baby likes colorful things with different sounds:

This is with the pediatrician:

For her the most important thing was that the babies gain weight. We will get a scale to see how they develop after one week.

Other key takeaways:

  • do leg exercises to strengthen the hip muscles
  • put baby on belly to strengthen neck (tummy time) – but only after 1 month
  • clean navel using Betadin solution twice a day (more easy after bathing)

Are you afraid that your baby is not perfect and has a problem?

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