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We went out with the babies for the first time but actually thought it was a mistake. Later the doctor told us that it is important to go out with the babies every day to develop their lungs (and also to get some resistance I guess). So we had the opportunity to test the Doona+ car seat stroller.

First we went to Vake in Tbilisi, the pavement was nice and wide there.

In Mziuri Park the pavement was very bumpy so we decided to carry the babies and use the Doona+ in carseat mode. Going there was a mistake I think. The wheels on the Doona are very small so there is not so much cushioning except for the seat itself.

As you can see the cars don’t care too much about us when parking but the Doona is not so heavy and can be carried for some time without a problem (as long as the babies are not too heavy). The weight of the Doona is 7 kg.

I was thinking that the babies are not so comfortable inside but the doctor told us later that they are like in the mothers womb and it will only be a problem when they are bigger. So the Doona+ should be used only until the baby is 1 year old and not for a prolonged period.

Here you can see how we used the Doona+ in car seat mode in a Bolt XL taxi to relocate:

We also considered buying some accessories like a bag for diapers and formula but where we are right now these are not so easy to get.

What are you using? A Maxicosi or a stroller? Or a sling to carry a baby around?

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