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With our “assistant” we went on a 5 km hike to Mtatsminda mountain in Tbilisi, also to challenge us if we can do it with our 2 babies. Read on to see if we succeeded…


This is the map. Note: We could also have gone west to Turtle Lake but we wanted to have lunch in the Mtatsminda park.

Going Up

Thanks to our assistant who took the photos:

On Top

At first it was sunny but then we had to protect the babies because it was getting colder. This was also a good lesson for our assistant who wants to become a nanny…

Going back down


The hike was not so easy with all the baby stuff in the backpack but we managed. With the Babybjörn carrier the feet of the baby were getting a little bit cold, next time we will put extra socks!

Have you been hiking in Tbilisi?

Post your favorite track in the comments!

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