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Yesterday we went to the Botanical Garden in Tbilisi and it was a good opportunity to test the Nuk Formula Dispenser to portion the meals for our babies when we are on the go or travelling.

We used:

  • Thermos 0.6 l
  • Nuk Formula Despenser and
  • Philips Avent Baby Bottle (small for small babies)

Putting warm sterilized water (boiled tap water cooled down):

Pouring the powder out of the container:

Babies are at 90 ml right now (already over 3 kg):

Feeding the babies:

The formula dispenser is a big help because for example in windy conditions the powder will still go where it should be. The dispenser saves space in our bag and we just need to bring what we need. Also it is easy to switch the containers

How are you feeding your babies outside?

Share your favorite hack in the comments!

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