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Today we will show you how we used our baby carrier vs. wearing a babywrap. This is more or less mandatory in a country like Georgia where we are right now because of the many stairs and the uneven pavement.

We went to the Mother of Georgia in Tbilisi and it was actually the first time we used our Baby Carriers outside (here is our tutorial on how to wear a babywrap):

Actually we have never seen someone with a stroller in public transport.

This is at Freedom Bridge:

On top of the mountain:

The baby carriers worked really well, with a stroller this trip would have been impossible.

Babybjörn CarrierBabywrap
Fast to put onLearning Curve
not for very small babysoft and flexible
Baby is exposed (wear mittens)Baby is more protected, warm next to body (heart)
More bulky (but we managed to wear something over it)less bulky (easier to wear a jacket over it)
more expensivevery cheap (basically a long piece of cloth)
visibleless conspicous
baby’s head is more straightbaby’s head is to one side (I changed side from time to time)
cool in summerhot in summer
Comparison between Babybjörn Carrier vs. Babywrap

But our back hurt a little bit afterwards 🙂 So there is still a big advantage using our Doona+ car seats/strollers but for this trip we wanted the flexibility only the baby carriers could give us!

Baby Carrier or Babywrap? Or stroller? What do you prefer?

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