Visiting the Mother of Georgia



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Today we visited our patron, the Mother of Georgia.


Freedom Bridge

First we took the bus to Freedom Bridge.

It was also the first time we used our Baby Carriers outside (here is our tutorial on how to wear a babywrap and here you can read a comparisonbetween baby carrier and baby wrap):

Rike Park and Cable Car

The we went through Rike Park to the Cable Car:

Mother of Georgia

This is at the Mother of Georgia:

Botanical Garden

Last but not least we went to the Botanical Garden (4 Lari per person).

Before it was getting dark we walked down to the waterfall and back to Tbilisi.

Have you been sightseeing in Tbilisi already? What is your favorite place?

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2 responses to “Visiting the Mother of Georgia”

  1. Christy Avatar

    We really enjoyed just walking all around the old town area looking at the architecture, graffiti art, and metal art. There’s something cool to see on almost every street we walked down.

    1. Papa Avatar

      Thanks for sharing, Christy. That’s true, in Tbilisi you can see something interesting at almost every corner, esp. where you don’t expect it.

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