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We went to the Public Service Hall in Tbilisi to get an apostille for the surrogacy contract. This is also where the birth certificate is made and apostilled. Read on to see some pics, learn more about the process and the cost.

This is the location of the Public Service Hall right next to the river:

To get to the Hall we crossed the road via this bridge:

The entrance. Supposedly there are many agents in front if you want to register a business:

First we went to the welcome desk and received a ticket number:

We were then soon called to request our Apostille:

Since the surrogacy contract was already notarized, it was possible to get it apostilled. Take with you the passport or other identification document.

Prices as of March 2023 (the 1 Gel is the commission):

  • 31 Gel 1 week waiting time
  • 61 Gel 4 days
  • 121 Gel 2 days

There is a website where you can check if the Apostille is ready (also for your birth certificate). Use this link to enter the 2 codes you received. We also received an SMS when our Apostille was ready.

The Public Service Hall – designed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas – is overlooking the Kura river and a sight to be seen, both from inside and outside.

Have you been at the Public Service Hall yet?

What did you do there and was it successful?


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