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Being in Tiblisi Georgia right now it is not always practical to use a stroller because of stairs and uneven pavement. So I started carrying the baby in a baby wrap. It is better for newborns than baby carriers because it is more flexible and soft. The baby can feel your heartbeat and will calm down from your breathing. It will stay warm from your body heat. I will show you how.

The baby wrap I use

I use a long piece of cloth (size 5 x 0.5m) as my baby sling. I recommend to use 100% cotton instead of cotton elastane because it will last longer and is already stretchy enough. DIY is also very easy if you can find a fabric you like. Because my babys were just born I prefer front-facing and facing me. Newborns still cannot see far so they can still see me when I am close enough.

Wearing instructions

I will give you a quick tutorial how I build the baby wrap. You can see my video or follow the step by step instructions below.

How to wear a baby wrap video

At first it may seem dauting but it really is not and can be done quickly. Compared to a baby carrier using a cloth to wrap the baby is more flexible and you can adjust it easily, like with legs out or in, one arm out or both arms in, etc. (see Step 9 on how to adjust it).

Step 1: Find the middle and wrap around your chest

Step 2: Cross at back and put over shoulders

Step 3: Tuck under front piece and cross

Step 4: Cross behind back and make knot in front

Step 5: Put baby first into side that is closer to you

Step 6: Put other leg in

Step 7: Support head of baby

Step 8: Pull cloth from your belly over the baby’s feet (optional)

Step 9: Adjust

Now you can still adjust the height of baby if the wrap it is too loose. Baby’s head should be within kissing range (I like to wear it more loose because otherwise it presses against my chest). To make it higher raise the baby and pull the cloth to raise the baby’s position. Make the knot more tight.

You can also pull the belly part (first raise the baby) to make it more loose if it is too tight when it is aroud the baby’s legs.

One arm of the baby can be outside if it is hot. Or pull out both arms, just make sure to support the baby’s head.

Step 10: Take out baby

To get out baby you do the opposite of how you put it in. Raise the baby by holding its bum so the legs get out more easily.


Using a baby wrap is a real game changer because I can be hands free and can even use a stroller for a second baby. It is also good to use around the house.

When I am bending over for example to close my shoe laces I support the head with my hand so it is not bouncing around.

Have you tried to wear a baby wrap yet or are you still team stroller?

Post in the comments!

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