How to change diapers on a plane



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On our flight home we had to change diapers during the flight. Let’s see some pictures!

The toilet had this sign on the door so it was clear that I can change diapers.

There was a fold down diaper changing table above the toilet:

Because the baby was so small (just over 3 kg) it fitted in both directions:

One mistake we made is that yes, we brought nappies and wet water wipes but forgot to bring changing clothes for the babies. One baby was little bit wet so we were not able to change the clothes for the rest of the flight. But it was a relatively short flight anyways.

All in all it was a smooth process, I was able to change the diapers in under 5 minutes. Interestingly a man let me go before him in the queue, the women were not so forthcoming.

Actually we could have changed diapers in the airplane seat because the one next to the window was blocked for us. But since the bathroom was not far away from us it was not necessary and might not have been as convenient.

Have you changed diapers in a plane yet?

What was your experience? Post in the comments!

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