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Well you guessed it, on Sunday we flew home with our twin babies! 🙂 We will share our best tips for flying and tell you if flying was safe for our babies just one month of age.

One infant per adult

First of all, airlines only allow for 1 baby per adult, so for our twins we needed to be 2 adults!!


This is in front of the airport. As you can see we had quite some luggage:

Luckily for Georgian Airways this was our baggage allowance:

  • 23 kg checked luggage per adult
  • 10 kg checked luggage per infant
  • 8 kg hand luggage per adult
  • 5 kg small bag per infant
  • 1 baby stroller per infant

I.e. we took a backpack and a small bag on board.


We used our Doona+ Car Seat / Stroller to get the babies to the airport.

We took it until the airplane door where we left it.

We could have taken the Doona+ inside the airplane but this would have been quite cumbersome with the babies and our backpacks. But luckily the strollers were not damaged in cargo during the flight.

Baby Seatbelt

At the entrance of the plane they gave us a baby seatbelt to use during take-off, landing and turbulence. But with our baby wraps / carrier we did not have to use it:

Still I used it later because it was more comfortable to have the baby on my lap:

Aisle seat

I like to sit on an aisle seat so I can quickly stand up to change the baby’s diapers etc.

Blocking a seat

We also asked at the check in to block the third seat in our row. Since our flight was not full it was possible.

Is it safe to fly with a baby?

Yes I definitely felt safe with the baby on my lap as long as we had the baby in the wrap, the Babybjörn carrier or the baby seatbelt. Without the baby seatbelt I was afraid that the baby will fall from my lap, especially during turbulences.

We could have even used a car seat, maybe even the Doona+ because we had an extra seat blocked in our row and this would be the safest option of course.

The babies were quite relaxed during the flight, only crying when they were not fed. They did not seem to bother much about what was happening, I think because they are still so small.

Here is another post on how I managed to change the diapers of the baby during the flight. Stay tuned!

Did you every fly with with a baby or a child?

Please share your experience in the comments!

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