How to make passport photos of a newborn



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We had to make passport photos of our baby. This is not easy because they cannot hold their head still. Also to meet the requirements of our country.

As you can see we used a white blanket as a background. One person was holding the head with 2 fingers so it could not fall to the side.

What else is important?

  • don’t go too close to the baby or it will not be sharp fully (or if you use a camera use a smaller aperture)
  • we made the baby facing the window to avoid shadows, also use a flash if possible (but not directly in the eyes of the baby, bounce it from the ceiling)
  • the eyes of the baby should be open, facing the camera and the mouth closed so it has to be the right moment (but this will not be so strict because they are still babies)

We used the website to make sure to meet the requirements of our country. For example the distance between the eyes should be right (ca. 10cm).

If you want you can remove the background, there are many free websites for doing this.

Later we went to a studio to print the photos:

Did you already do passport photos with a baby?

Share your secrets in the comments!


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