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Our biggest concern is if the babies eat enough, i.e. not put on enough weight. That’s why today we will weigh the babies at home and then we will ask the doctor if they gained enough… If not we might have to switch to a different formula for bulking… (like Plasmon 0 liquid)

Usually babies loose weight after they are born (they are born with some extra fluid), but should regain that weight within 2 weeks after being released from the hospital. Preterm babies should gain between 150 and 200g per week.

Method 1: Using a luggage scale

Since we are travelling we are not carrying a bulky baby scale with us so we decided to use a luggage scale instead (which we actually borrowed from another couple, thanks to Maria).

We used our baby nest to carry the baby. As you can see we did everything in safe distance above the bed so if the scale fails the baby will not land on the floor.

Since we had to deduce the weight of the nest and the clothes we also weighed these separately.


  • easy to carry a luggage scale while travelling
  • virtually no weight limit
  • cheap


  • not so accurate (only 2 decimals)
  • safety concerns

Method 2: Using a kitchen scale

We were considering this method because…


  • kitchen scales are not so expensive
  • accurate


  • not much surface to put the baby on
  • weight limit

Method 3: Using a baby scale

We were able to compare our results using the luggage scale with the baby scale in the clinic and they were almost the same (the clinic weighed just with the diapers and deducted 30 mg for it):


  • big surface to put baby on
  • accurate


  • expensive (at least at the pharmacy where we could buy it)
  • bulky
After ca. 1 month the baby already got more weight

Method 4: Using a bathroom scale

Well this is obvious so if you have access to a bathroom scale you could use it.


  • usually there is a bathroom scale around somewhere


  • not as accurate

Your method?

PS.: Don’t use a scale in a supermarkt or would you even consider it? It has a printer included which could come in handy when tracking the baby’s weight… 😉

How are you weighing your baby?

Please share your favorite weighing travel hack in the comments!

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