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Since our babies are from a surrogate mother we – of course – cannot breastfeed them. The clinic uses Hipp Organic Pre Formula (Organic Infant Milk). I want to show you how they prepare it at the clinic (and how we did it it at home and some other methods).

This is the formula (after 1 month we have changed to Hipp Organic Combiotic 1 but we will go now back to Pre because our doctor recommended it until 1 year of age):

BTW the formula costs 28.60 Lari in the pharmacy in Tbilisi. Note that with this formula you put 1 spoon for 30 ml lukewarm water.

Note: You always have to use a full spoon of formula to have the perfect balance of liquid and nutriants.

But if you have 2 babies you could split the milk between them of course, for example give one baby 45 ml and the other 45 ml and prepare 90 ml of formula with 3 spoons.

If the baby has a lot of colics you could change to Hipp Combiotic or if it does not gain weight to another formula:

How our clinic does it

The clinic uses a Philips Avent Sterilizer and use an electric kettle to make hot (sterilized) water:

Then they hold it under cold water until it is the right temperature. Spill some milk on the hand to see if it really is.

“Our” method

We did this method first. But it takes some time to cool the milk down. The prep time is really critical esp. in the night when you want to get some sleep while waking up every 3 hours to feed the babies.

At first we did it like in the clinic

That’s why we later started to put the boiled water into a jar and let it cool to room temperature for later use. This water can then be mixed in the proper ratio with the hot water from the kettle.

Other methods

Some other methods we came across:

  • use room temperature water (but babies might sleep better when using lukewarm water)
  • use something like the Perfect Prep Machine from Tommee Tippee (I am not a big fan because it could cause colics and also people report that it works only for a short time)
  • use a bottle warmer to keep water the right temperature all night (just add formula when needed)
  • use ready made formula

Anyways this is the big disadvantage of feeding the baby from a bottle. When breastfeeding you can literally do it in your sleep.

How do you (plan to) prepare the formula? Or are you breastfeeding?

Post in the comments!

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