How to change baby’s diapers while travelling



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We bought Canbebe diapers. There are available everywhere in Tbilisi where we stayed and much cheaper than Pampers. BTW the doctors in Georgia used the word pampers for diapers 😉

These are the diapers (for newborn):

This is the changing station we built on a table in our first accomodation:

It consists of (from left to right):

  • Portable foldable changing mat
  • Tissues (should really use sterile ones…)
  • Wet wipes (according the doctor should only used in emergency situations like outside, we only use it to clean mat… Update: in the meantime we bought water wipes which should be better)
  • Babycalm (to reduce colics and also make poo more soft)
  • LactaPrev (against colics in the night)
  • Canbebe diapers
  • Betadin Liquid (to clean stump from umbilical cord)
  • Vitamin D3 (to prevent Rachitis)
  • Cotton (to apply Betadin and to clean poo)
  • Rasch baby creme for popo
  • Hipp Pflegebad (according to doctor should not use everyday for bathing baby, but for pop ok)
  • Nasal Aspirator

Later we also added Topicrem Moisturizing Milk for dry skin esp. legs.

It is important to change the diapers before feeding or the baby will spill the milk!

What is your diaper changing station like?

Post in the comments!

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