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They gave us private rooms to have some privacy with our babies while they were still there. So we used this opportunity for a review of the Chachava rooms. You can also book the room to stay with the baby overnight. These are the rooms with hospital beds in the 3rd floor, not the rooms with normal beds in the 1st floor they have for guests.

More basic room

This is a more basic room, every room comes with a comfortable couch to hold the baby.

This room actually had a balcony a nice view to the parking lot of Chachava which is always crowded with cars.

More expensive room

I think this is not their most expensive room, but almost.

Here you can see the couch:

I like that from the bathroom you can see everything for example check on your baby:

I think a problem often is the lack of humidity which leads to constipation so I think that’s why they put a humidifier. (Please correct me if I am wrong in the comments.)

Are you considering to stay at the clinic when the babys are there? Or do you just visit during daytime?

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