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Today they got the metabolic screening, a blood test in that babies are being tested for various disorders before symptoms have a chance to occur. Also we had to decide if we want to have the babies vaccinated or not, i.e. follow the schedule of Georgia or of our own country.

Metabolic Screening

The metabolic screening is a useful test to detect rare disorders. It has to be performed on the newborn after 72 hours. It is also called the heel prick test and we wanted to be there for the babies if they feel any pain. Price was 100$ per baby. It is sent to a lab in Austria and results come back in ca. 1 month.


The clinic offers free vaccinations for

  • BCG (tuberculosis) and
  • Hepatitis B

BCG is not done anymore in my country because of the side effects. In Georgia there are still some cases of tubercolosis that’s why it is done.

The vaccination gives a nasty circular scar on the arm which will fade eventually (and hopefully a more modern vaccinate has been used with a lesser effet). The doctor there also told us that the scar of rubella vaccination is more prominent.

Anyways after consulting with our pediatrician in our country we agreed on these vaccinations.

Would you agree on the vaccinations or better follow the plan of your country?

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