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Since the babies were not yet born we had time to go shopping. On the top of our list was a nest or a travel bassinet.

We went to the north of Tbilisi to Tbilisi Mall and to the south to East Point:

To go to both it is better to use Bolt taxi. With public transport you will have to use a bus or to east point the metro and then these Marschrutka kind of small public busses.

Tbilisi Mall

This is the mall:

There is a gigantic shop inside, it spans almost a whole floor.

We were looking for a baby nest but we did not like this color too much:

There are also a lot of bassinets:

There is also a food court but many shops are closed so we did not like Tbilis Mall too much…

East point

East point has one big building and many outlet stores. We were looking for the mothercare shop:

They have mostly clothes but had one travel bassinet which we liked:

There is also a small there:

In the end we did not buy anything… 🙂

Other options

Other options in Tbilisi:

  • Galleria Tbilisi (near Liberty Square) – mostly baby cloth
  • City Mall in Saburtalo
  • Underground market at Tbilisi train station


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