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Since we had to arrive on short notice we had to quickly find a place to stay. We found a nice appartment 6 minutes walking distance from our clinic.

The appartment is in Vera at the foot of the Mtatsminda mountain:

It is near to Liberty Square and not so much uphill luckily. Vake, Mtatsminda and Saburtalo (Technical University) districts are all easily reachable by foot.

This is the view downwards where the clinic is. Sameba Church is an important landmark in Tbilisi.

We booked the appartment on booking.com. It was also available on airbnb but more expensive. Also because we booked using the App it was even cheaper. We paid 665 Euros for 11 nights.

If you want to know more about the appartment please post a comment!

What is important when travelling with a baby?

  • big elevator to fit strollers (we had in this appartment)
  • large kitchen well equipped (it was not so well equipped unfortunately)
  • not too far uphill or with many stairs (or you will have to carry strollers not to shake babys brain and also suitcases)
  • central or near the clinic or wherever you have to go often (rushhour in Tbilisi is horrible)
  • several bedrooms if you want to have guests or let babys sleep separate
  • workdesk if you want to work from home
  • use booking.com or airbnb if you want to be safe from frauds
  • enough space to put babys next to your bed if you want
  • good internet


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