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We decided to visit the Chronicles of Georgia but had some obstacles to overcome, for example tackling stairs and uneven ground with the strollers, feeding the baby when outside or changing nappies outside.

This is the location:

To get there we used Bolt Premium because it is more spacious for our Doona+ car seat strollers:

Going out with the babies

If you are without babies you can also use public transport of course.

At the moment we had to carry the strollers over some stairs and uneven ground. The babies are still very small and the doctor advised us to avoid this when they are still so small.

When we arrived at the top the next challenge was to prepare the formula. We had warm water in a thermos and mixed it with the formula and the baby bottles.

To change the diapers we could have done it in the stroller but it is very tight so we did not try it this time because it was also windy.

There was also a road going down from the Chronicles so we took this and it was very comfortable with the Doonas in stroller mode.

When we arrived back at the car park one baby started to cry, maybe we should have changed diapers but we were able to calm it down. Anyways, we gained more confidence to make longer outings with the babies so stay tuned for our next adventure!

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