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We transfered two embryos because we transfered one before and it failed. They became twins and we are very happy about this because I wanted two children anyways. I will give you reasons why to transfer 2 embryos i.e. with the possibility to have twins and also reasons why to transfer only 1.

Reasons to transfer 2 embryos

  1. Higher chance of success
  2. therefore lower cost if you are on a pay as you go contract
  3. therefore also save time
  4. if you are ok or even want twins
  5. you probably get 2 babies (almost) for the price of 1
  6. child will have a brother/sister
  7. you will have a “backup” if one baby is not “good” (has genetical problems or disabilities)
  8. if one embryo does not unfold after thawing usually clinic will put another additional embryo so not to waste a try

Reasons to transfer only 1 embryo

  1. if you don’t want twins
  2. higher chances of complications during pregnancy
  3. avoid preterm
  4. avoid additional payments to SM (monthly payments and C-section)
  5. avoid c-section (SM would have to agree to put 2 embryos)
  6. only need single stroller
  7. flying with 1 baby needs only 1 adult
  8. 2 babies needs nanny to feed during night and take care during daytime
  9. easier to manage 1 child after birth and lower costs

Have you made up your mind yet?

How do you decide?

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