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My hands were getting sore from supporting the baby’s head when feeding and also from holding it more upright to avoid reflux and colics so we bought a baby feeding pillow. Must-have or gimmick? Let’s find out!


At first the feeding pillow helped me a lot because I did not need to support the head of the baby all the time.

It was actually possible to do other things while feeding the baby. But usually it does not feel right and I try to focus my attention on the baby.

Feeding 2 babies

Feeding two babys is also possible but it is more difficult because I had to lift the second baby up to the pillow while holding the other one:


Eventually I found positions to feed the babys while supporting their weight with the sofa so I did not need the pillow so much anymore:

I think also my muscles grew stronger that’s why it is now more easy for me to hold the baby more upright while feeding.

One disadvantage of the pillow is when burping it is more difficult to put the baby in an upright position:

Other uses

We also let the baby lean against the pillow but we quickly noticed that this is dangerous when letting it sit unattended:

One time the baby rolled out of it and almost landed on the floor, the other time it fell into the crease below the pillow and started crying.


What’s my conclusion? I will still use the pillow from time to time but it is not an absolute requirement for me. But in the beginning it was a big help and also for breastfeeding I think it is great. The babies are “just” 3 kg now so I think when the babys will get heavier the pillow will become more useful again becauseto support a big and chunky baby with bare hands will be getting more difficult again.

What’s your take? Feeding with pillow or not?

Post in the comments!

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