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We decided to first buy a 2 baby nests and maybe later a travel bassinet. We found 2 beautiful nests on Facebook Marketplace.

It was sold by a woman who had to flee Russia with her family. She had a business there and she had only these 2 nests left. We met her at Technical University (Saburtalo).

She asked for 140 Lari per nest which seemed high to us but the quality was there and beautiful bags were included.

Later we found out that next to the Chachava clinic there is a small baby shop that sells nests for just 45 Lari. So I think she kind of tricked us.

Are baby nests dangerous? Nests vs. Bassinets

Anyways there is a lot of critisism about using these nests because babys could suffocate and instead basssinets should be used. Also that babys should not sleep in the bed with the parents. But I think until they can turn on their own they are relatively safe.

Update: Actually the nests have been a real life safer because with the handles the babys can be carried around the house and it is more easy to keep an eye on them. Also they seem to like it to be near people, hear their voices and be part of everything and not somewhere away.

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