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We bought the TP-Link Tapo C110 security camera for our trip. This is important to see if room service is stealing from us, or to watch the babies and the nanny.

Here you can see the footage from the security camera:

There is also a voice call function, privacy mode is to turn the camera off, there is an alarm and you can playback the recorded footage from the MicroSD card

So when we are out and about we can see if the room service is going through our belongings, also to watch babys when they are in a different room.

Watching the babies sleeping while preparing the formula

The security camera can detect movement and babies crying. It records to a MicroSD card.

Night mode

TP-Link Tapo C110 vs Wyze V3

I bought the TP-Link Tapo C110. It was the cheapest camera I could find and also a small one so it is easy to bring when travelling. What I don’t like about it is the properitary power adapter, I would have prefered USB. If you are from the US I would recommend the Wyze V3. It was not available in our country unfortunately.

Note: You don’t need a subscription for these cameras, only when you want to use the cloud service to store the footage.

How to you make secure your belongings and what babyphone do you use?

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